Pilates sessions

A  number of musculoskeletal problems are associated with pregnancy. The deconditioning that results from lack of exercise, the weight and pull of the fetus,  and hormonally-induced ligamentous softening leads to a significant insult to the back and associated joints. Back pain is the most common cause of disability in the working age population of the UK with direct healthcare costs in excess of 1.6 billion pounds

By developing a Pilates program that is based on the client’s posture and muscle weakness, I can train pregnant women from 16 weeks of gestation (in 2nd trimester) till birth and post delivery where focus then would be on getting back into shape, core training and pelvic floor stabilization.

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MamaBah is a private service for women who want personal, tailored and continuous care and exercise during their pregnancy.  Sessions are generally conducted at the client’s home but it is also possible to book sessions with me at Mamatoto Birth centre, prenatal and postnatal.  For most optimal results, a consultation with a postural assessment should be booked first so that a profile can be developed and goals set. Exercise will then be tailored to the client’s body posture.

Pilates classes are also offered for people who are not child bearing. Call for more info.